Grab just one or else


Queenstown police warn they’ll take action if people deliberately try to re-use vouchers from discount website GrabOne. 

Mountain Scene revealed last week how some Queenstown businesses that accept vouchers from the popular nationwide site are easy to rip off. 

One Wakatipu resident admitted using the same voucher – which cost $10 for $20 worth of food – three times at a local fast-food joint. Mountain Scene also easily re-used a voucher at a downtown restaurant – before coming clean and paying up. 

Queenstown senior constable Sean Drader says police take such incidents seriously and culprits would face deception charges. 

“People think they’re being cheeky and it’s not really hurting anybody but generally somebody suffers some sort of financial loss. 

“If you’ve used any kind of deception – such as pretending you haven’t used it before – it’s really easy to prove.” 

Drader encourages operators who think a customer is duping them to call police. 

“Sometimes people think it’s not worth bothering us. Everything like that should be brought to our attention.” 

Drader adds: “It’s the whole principle – if you shoplift one chocolate bar, should someone get away with that? 

No, they shouldn’t.” 

GrabOne’s Queenstown agent Chris Bradley agrees: “It’s stupid and the police and GrabOne will be dealing with it exceptionally harshly.” 

Bradley, who joined the burgeoning company three months ago, says it’s also up to business owners to be cautious and ensure vouchers are ticked off a list when they are redeemed. 

“You’ve got to check it off. We give them many different ways to do that and I’ll be emphasising that even more now.” 

Bradley says he makes a big point of the importance of checking off vouchers when operators sign up but he wasn’t aware of any problems until Mountain Scene’s story appeared. 

“And I’ve run tens of thousands of vouchers into this town during the three months.” 

Asked about the response he’d had after the Mountain Scene story, Bradley says: “I’ve had more inquiries and emails and phone calls today than any other day from people wanting more information on GrabOne and what it can do for their business. 

“My phone’s rung off the hook – it’s good.” 

GrabOne, now a year old, has sold 1.6 million vouchers nationwide, saving Kiwis $65 million. 

The company has dealt with 200 Queenstown businesses.

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