Government moves to improve Queenstown housing affordability


The Government is committing to help solve Queenstown’s housing problems.

Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith announced today that it will form a housing accord with Queenstown Lakes District Council.

That accord will enable both parties to work together on increasing housing supply to improve affordability.

“Queenstown has a median housie price of $664,000 and the district is one of the five least affordable housing areas in the country,” Smith says.

It’s likely the accord will allow housing developments to be fast-tracked.

Queenstown mayor Vanessa van Uden says the council’s tried to address the issue through steps like creating the community housing trust but she welcomes the Government’s initiative.

“There is still not enough residential land coming into the market for development.

“The mechanisms available under [the Housing Accords and Special Areas Act 2013] have the potential to increase the housing supply and, in turn, reduce the cost of houses.”