Gonna bungy like it’s your birthday


Queenstowners and guests from around the world have helped bungy celebrate quarter of a century since its local birth. 

New and ex-staff plus friends of the bungy business joined co-founders Henry van Asch and AJ Hackett last night at the original jump site Kawarau Bridge for the official 25th party. 

The pair told assembled guests the craze, which helped put adventure tourism in Queenstown on the map and has gone global, has only just begun. 

A steady stream of guests was treated to free bungy jumps off the 43-metre bridge and rides on the site’s latest innovation, a thrilling zipride. 

Earlier in the day schoolkids from the Wakatipu were given free jumps off the bridge, much to the delight of Van Asch. 

“I love seeing all the school children here at the ‘Home of Bungy’, learning all about the history and just getting excited about it. 

“That’s what inspires me – seeing the next generation of bungy jumpers excited and nervous about the experience.
We know we’re doing something right when you see the excitement on their faces after their first ever jump.” 

Van Asch’s AJ Hackett Bungy sites in New Zealand and Hackett’s AJ Hackett International venues have jumped more than three million customers since launching on Queenstown’s outskirts in 1988.