Gondola queue’s ugly spat


Two middle-aged tourists were arrested after a queue quarrel turned nasty. 

Police were called after the Englishman, 52, and Chinese woman, 39, began pushing each other while queuing in the ground-level station for the Skyline Gondola at 10.45am on Monday. 

The Englishman then slapped the Chinese woman. 

Senior constable Sean Drader says: “She had quite roughly pushed past him, so he gave her a big shove back. 

“The Chinese woman got really angry, because she felt it was over the top, and demanded an apology. 

“She pushed him and then he has slapped her.” 

Both tourists were arrested for assault and taken back to Queenstown Police Station. The Englishman was given diversion after agreeing to pay money to charity. The Chinese woman was given a pre-charge warning. 

Cannabis and LSD raid 

A Scottish bar manager faces drug charges after police raided his home. 

The 30-year-old man was arrested and charged with alleged cultivation of cannabis and possession of LSD. 

Officers executed a search warrant on his Wynyard Crescent home, Fernhill, on Monday evening. 

“Officers found cannabis plants, seeds, utensils and LSD during a search,” Drader says. 

Police seized 15 grams of cannabis. 

The bar manager is due to appear in Queenstown District Court at a later date. 

Waterloo for Swedish duo 

Two Swedish girls were arrested after allegedly urinating on a Queenstown street in broad daylight. 

The girls, both 21, were seen piddling in the gutter outside their Wicked van, parked on Hallenstein Street, at midday. 

Drader says: “It appears they’d been out the night before and couldn’t find anywhere to take a leak. 

“We get plenty of men doing this but it’s not often you get two ladies.” 

Both girls were given pre-charge warnings. 

Teen stops burglar 

An 18-year-old inadvertently foiled a burglary in his own home after shouting: “Hey dad”. 

The teenager was sleeping in at his Woodlands Close, Goldfield Heights, home at 10.15am on Tuesday when he heard footsteps on the deck. 

“When he then heard the footsteps in the lounge and the sound of the TV being unplugged he yelled out to his dad,” Drader says. 

“He thought he’d come home from work early. Then he heard the footsteps run out and up the gravel path.” 

The youngster jumped out of bed and ran out of the house. He saw a silver GT Subaru station wagon driving over the crest of a hill and out of sight. 

When he went back in, he found the TV unplugged. 

“There have been other burglaries in that area,” Drader says. “We’d appeal for everyone in all areas to be generally vigilant and lock their doors.” 

Drink and drugs arrest 

A German tourist was arrested after stealing a bottle of Bacardi and backpacker blankets. 

Police officers were called after the 20-year-old was ejected from Altitude nightclub and then Base backpackers. 

They then found cannabis in his backpack. 

Drader says: “He leant across the bar at Altitude and stole a bottle of Bacardi and hid it behind a sofa. 

“The security staff spotted him drinking it and he was ejected. 

“He ran away and was seen at Base backpackers following guests into their rooms and taking blankets. He was removed by security and ran away again.” 

Police found him on Brunswick Street. He received a diversion for disorderly behaviour, theft and possession of cannabis.