Gondola link to Queenstown convention centre sight? Yeah right


A mooted extension of Queenstown’s gondola to a proposed Gorge Road conference centre isn’t endorsed by the gondola company.

Dunedin architect Gary Todd indicates a “proposed gondola link” in plans for a conference centre over Gorge Rd’s carpark.

The council-owned site’s one of three in the running for a 750-delegate complex.

Skyline Enterprises chairman Ken Matthews says a gondola extension is “pure conjecture on the architect’s behalf”.

“There’s nothing wrong with the concept of a gondola link into the middle of town but I don’t believe that’s the middle of town.”

Matthews says Todd met with Skyline to seek support: “We elected to take it no further.”

Todd, meanwhile, is concerned councillors aren’t fully aware of his and architectural designer Murray Bennett’s plans.

Todd says some at last week’s feedback meeting “hadn’t seen the Recreation Ground image of the proposed Green Star Convention Centre and wished they had”.

“My concern is all the councillors don’t have all the information.” 

In a submission, Todd refutes criticism his site’s too small.

The preferred Lakeview site, by contrast, is isolated, will be exposed in winter and require costly upgrades of roading and other services.

Councillor John Mann believes Todd’s proposal will encroach on the Rec Ground – but Todd says it won’t.