Golfer potted for targeting tourist ship


A 47-year-old real estate agent from Auckland has been warned after deliberately hitting a golf ball towards the Earnslaw steamer. 

He teed off from a grassy area on Lake Esplanade at 4.10pm last Saturday while the Lady of the Lake was sailing, constable Sean Drader says. 

“The Earnslaw was about 50m from the shore when he hit his golf ball over the ship. The ball went at least 10m over the vessel.” 

Police decided to warn the man for disorderly behaviour. 

“Sometimes at golf courses you’ll find people driving past get hit by accident but I’ve never heard of anybody doing this on purpose. It’d be pretty stupid if he’d got it wrong and hit somebody on the boat,” Drader says.

School kids in biffo 

Two Wakatipu High students have been arrested after getting into a fight following an 18th birthday party early last Sunday morning. 

The boys, both aged 17, were outside Fergburger with “lots” of other school kids when one took a swing at the other, Drader says. 

One of the lads – “moderately affected by alcohol” – was seen “laying a lazy left hook into the victim”. 

He’s been charged with fighting in a public place. The victim – “slightly affected by alcohol” – was charged with disorderly behaviour. 

“He was observed engaging in behaviour likely to cause violence to continue.” 

Drader adds: “It’s rare that the people we’re arresting are school age kids, especially in town.”

Partner allegedly strangled

A 25-year-old Queenstown man has been arrested after he allegedly strangled, kicked and threatened to kill his 21-year-old girlfriend. 

The man, a sales assistant, was drinking at home with his partner before they headed to a Frankton pub on October 20. 

“He wanted to go home to the camping ground where they were living but she wanted to carry on drinking,” Drader comments. 

“While walking home they began to argue and she alleges he grabbed her by the throat and threw her on the ground and then began to strangle her and kicked her in the back.” 

‘Obnoxious wreck’ 

Cops held a drunk 37-year-old Englishman in the cells for detox after he was picked up wandering Queenstown streets last Saturday at 6am. 

The man, a maintenance worker at a local bar, had urinated on himself and couldn’t provide an address. 

“He was described as an ‘obnoxious wreck’ by the person who arrested him,” Drader says. 

“The same thing happened to him not long ago. We shouldn’t be babysitting somebody at that age.”

Bartender pees, steals booze

A 28-year-old English bartender was nabbed for peeing in public and stealing a bottle of wine from Night ‘n’ Day in Camp Street last Friday. 

“He placed the wine in his pants pocket, covered it with his jacket and walked out the door.” Drader says. 

“Ten minutes before that he had been seen urinating on a shop window on Shotover St and then he caught a taxi home. The ridiculous thing about this is that it was 9.30am.” 

Missing man mystery

A Swedish worker in Queenstown is still missing – but police have reduced fears for his safety. 

The last confirmed sighting of Christoffer Tornberg (above), 23, was on October 6, but he was supposedly spotted in the resort last Sunday. 

His family received an email telling them he’d been seen, but police are still trying to track that witness down. 

Police suspect the missing Swede, employed in Queenstown for about a year on a working holiday visa, doesn’t want to be found. 

“I don’t quite know where exactly he is, so technically he is still missing but at this stage fears for his safety have been lessened,” detective Grant Miller says. 

“He’s apparently been sighted in Queenstown but he’s obviously avoiding contact with his friends and family.” 

Tornberg hasn’t been in touch with friends or family for about three weeks, and his bank account and cellphone haven’t been used during that time.