Goat carcass found downtown


Queenstown custodians spent an hour on Sunday morning cleaning up a grisly find in the CBD – and those responsible may face a hefty fine.

Queenstown Lakes District Council communications manager Michele Poole says during their routine clean the custodians discovered the carcass of an animal, believed to be a goat, “left in the vicinity” of the William Rees statue at the bottom of The Mall.

It appeared the carcass had been dragged through several downtown streets, including Duke St and Rees St.

Queenstown police were advised of the incident yesterday, but Senior sergeant Paula Enoka says CCTV cameras had not filmed the offender or offenders.

While Enoka described the incident as ”terrible” and ”gross”, she says unless there was evidence the animal had been tortured, it was deemed as depositing litter – something which was not seen as a criminal offence.

Enoka says: ”I think it’s terrible and I don’t know why anyone would do something like that … they may have hunted the goat legally, but the mistake they’ve made is to leave rubbish … if you think of it as rubbish.”

The council’s regulatory manager, Lee Webster, says if whoever is responsible is identified they could be fined up to $400 under the Litter Act 1979.

Anyone with information could contact either Queenstown Police on  4411600, or the council on  4410499.