Glovers and Glenorchy Hotel in a domain name scrap


Glenorchy Hotel is scrapping with a rival accommodation operator over a website address. 

Glenorchy Hotel, which owns the domain name, is upset with the owners of Kinloch Lodge. 

Kinloch Lodge operates as an information/booking website for the top of the lake. 

“This similarity has led members of the public to mistakenly assume that there is a link between your website and my client,” a lawyer acting for Glenorchy Hotel has told lodge owners Toni and John Glover. 

Glenorchy Hotel is owned by Maree Robinson, whose partner Tim Brownie was bankrupted in April last year. 

The Glenorchy Hotel lawyer has demanded the lodge owners transfer their domain name to his client by 5pm this Wednesday, or he’ll commence proceedings with the Domain Name Commission and/or file proceedings in the district court. 

The lawyer has also asked the lodge to remove information about Glenorchy Hotel, which it has. 

However John Glover refuses to change his domain name. 

In a written response to the hotel’s lawyer, the Glovers write: “We can’t understand why [Brownie] would think that anyone looking at our Glenorchy information and promotional website, which lists all those mundane things like the church, playground, our local plumber, the climate and medical facilities would somehow think it was the website for the Glenorchy Hotel.” 

John tells Mountain Scene: “They’re saying we’re doing it deliberately to try and take business from them and that’s a load of bollocks.