Glenorchy woman admits bottle bash


A Glenorchy woman who admitted assaulting her ex-husband’s partner with a bottle is awaiting sentencing.

Susanne Veint, 48, was remanded till September 23 for sentencing when she appeared in Queenstown District Court before Judge Turner on Monday.

Susanne pleaded guilty to assault using a bottle as a weapon in an August 11 incident at Glenorchy involving Alisi Veint, who prosecuting sergeant Ian Collin said is married to Susanne’s ex-husband.

Collin told the court Susanne was drinking at the Glenorchy Hotel with her partner and other associates on the day, after a dispute between her daughter and the victim.

At about 2.30am victim Alisi approached Susanne at the hotel, there was a discussion and the victim moved away, before returning and continuing the discussion, the court heard.

Susanne “stood up on to the foot rest” of her seat and raised a bottle of beer in her right hand, Collin said, adding she continued drinking while standing and then raised the bottle above her head in a “threatening manner”.

The verbal discussion became more heated and witnesses attempted to diffuse things before defendant Susanne “shoved” the bottle causing it to break against the forehead of the victim who retaliated by punching the defendant once to the face.

The pair continued pushing each other until others intervened – and the victim received a hematoma to her forehead and several small cuts, the court heard.

The defendant said she was intoxicated and upset about what the victim said to her, that she reacted without thinking and regretted her actions.

In seeking bail, Susanne’s lawyer said she had no previous convictions, caused no lasting injury, the incident wasn’t premeditated and submitted the starting point should be less than a year imprisonment.

Judge Turner said he believed the starting point for sentencing was three years’ imprisonment: “Her plea indicates it was a deliberate application of force, in this case with a bottle, which she broke over the forehead of the victim.”

Driver’s rocky road

A driver reported crashing into a rock in the middle of Frankton Road near Goldfields last Saturday at 8.50pm.

It’s alleged a group of men placed the rock at the scene.

The driver saw three males running from the scene, sergeant Blair Duffy says.

“The only descriptions available were that they were approximately between 17 and 20 years old, wearing dark hoodies.”

One-woman guy

A man arrested last Sunday was allegedly jealous that his girlfriend was dancing with another woman at a bar.

Duffy says the 35-year-old from Omarama was arrested for disorderly behaviour at 1.25am after he was removed from Winnies by a bouncer.

The man then got aggressive once he was outside, Duffy alleges.

Boozy arrests

Police arrested a Queenstown man, 38, after an automatic door in the Steamer Wharf complex near Queenstown Bay was damaged last Friday.

In the early hours of last Saturday, two men were arrested for alleged fighting outside downtown Queens-town bar Zephyr. Police nabbed a 25-year-old Queenstown man and an Irishman who is the same age at the Searle Lane venue.

An hour later, a Christchurch man, 37, was cuffed for disorderly behaviour in Queenstown Mall. The man was refusing to leave a premises that he allegedly kept trying to sneak back into.

Bus fender bender

A local passenger bus and a car ended up in a fender-bender at a roundabout near Queenstown on Tuesday afternoon.

Police say a Connectabus ran into the back of a car in Frankton at about 2.30pm.

No injuries were reported from the ding and the vehicles had only minor damage but police say inquiries are continuing.