Glenorchy bros face drug-dealing charges




Two Glenorchy brothers have appeared in the Queenstown District Court dock on drug-dealing charges.

The pair – David Fox, 31, and younger sibling Zain, 21 – who both work as chefs in the part family-owned Glenorchy Lodge, previously had name suppression.

David faces one charge of offering to sell cannabis in April this year, while Zain has three charges – two for selling cannabis and one for allegedly selling another class C drug BZP, from between April 10 and May 3.

Both were remanded until later this month.

Taxi driver loses plot at strip club

A Queenstown taxi driver who fell off the wagon has been done for fighting at local strip joint the Cadillac Club.

Intoxicated Kelvin Heights resident Dean Conner, 49, got into an argument with another patron at the Church Lane bar and was forced to leave the premises at 1am on May 28.

“Outside he tried to pick a fight with the bouncer,” Sergeant Ian Collin told the Queenstown District Court.
The bouncer went inside the club and later emerged to find Conner in a fight with another male.

Conner, who represented himself in court, said in 2008 he recognised he had an alcohol problem and attended rehabilitation.

On May 27 he “received quite bad news of a personal nature” and reacted badly by drinking.

“I have no recollection of the event,” Conner says.

“Here you fell off the bus and caused difficulties,” Judge Phillips says, adding Conner is a solid-looking man and the judge wouldn’t want to tangle with him.

Judge Phillips fined Conner $250 plus court costs for his disorderly behaviour, saying: “I wish you well with your future steps to remove the animal on your back – the alcohol.” 

Retired pilot nabbed driving 60kmh over limit

A retired pilot who crashed his Mercedes outside the Heritage Hotel was dobbed in for speeding – by his car’s computer. 

Allen Sheehan, 61, sped up Fernhill Road in his Mercedes V8 with two passengers in the back about 3pm on May 29, hitting a kerb on the opposite side of the road, the Queenstown District Court heard today (Monday). 

His swanky car’s on-board computer recorded its speed as 110kmh – 60kmh over the limit. 

His lawyer Phena Byrne says Sheehan – who had a previously unblemished record - was showing friends the power of his car, which he’d had for 10 months. 

Judge Kevin Phillips described the driving as “alarming” for a man who’s spent his life flying planes. 

“But what it does involve is you showing off to your passengers and placing them at risk of death. 

“It’s a disgraceful piece of driving.” 

Sheehan was fined $600 plus costs and disqualified for six months.

Fishy French shoplifter

A light-fingered Frenchman caught stuffing fish down his pants at Fresh Choice supermarket will do a stint serving the community. 

Unemployed tourist Cedric Louis, 23, was nabbed stealing salmon fillets, a roast, butter, cheese and batteries by stuffing them into his bag, pockets and down his pants. 

Judge Phillips questioned why the local supermarket wasn’t seeking reparation - the items were worth $87.80 - after the offender stuck the salmon fillets down his trousers. 

“Someone bought those salmon fillets after where they had been?” he asked. 

“It seems to me he’s a high-end grazer,” Phillips said of Louis, who’s in Queenstown on a working holiday visa.
The judge described the theft as “premeditated and planned”. 

The Frenchman was initially sent for a spell in the cells for contempt of court for wearing his headphones around his neck in the dock. 

“He was listening to rock ‘n’ roll as he stood in the dock,” Phillips fumed. 

Louis was sentenced to 40 hours community work.

Ex-lover sees red

An Englishman who saw red when he walked in on his ex-girlfriend in bed with another man has been remanded on bail. 

Ben Branaghan, 25, punched the man after finding him in bed with his ex-girlfriend at her Highview Terrace house at 6am on June 7, the Queenstown District Court heard. 

Branaghan had moved out of the house when their five-year relationship ended but had returned that morning and walked into her room to find the victim – whom he recognised immediately – lying beside the ex-girlfriend under the covers. 

“He punched the victim on the bed with a closed fist while he was sleeping,” sergeant Ian Collin says. 

The Frankton man continued to punch the other man about five times until flatmates were woken by the ruckus and made Branaghan leave. 

The victim sustained a broken nose and fractured left cheekbone. 

Branaghan has been remanded on bail until July 25. His bail conditions have been amended so the ex-chef can take up work as a bar assistant at Frankton Ale House. He also had to surrender his passport. 

Judge Phillips warns: “This is serious violent offending.”

Kershaw’s not guilty plea

The former director of Queenstown chopper company Heliworks has pleaded not guilty to a raft of theft and dishonesty charges totalling tens of thousands of dollars. 

Pilot David Kershaw was charged with 19 offences alleged to have occurred over a three-and-a-half-year period while managing director of Heliworks Queenstown Helicopters Ltd. 

Kershaw was appointed a director in April 2006 and ceased in November 2010, according to Companies Office records. 

His lawyer Steve Rollo entered a not guilty plea to all charges. 

Kershaw was remanded on bail until July 11.

Ex-chopper boss grounded

Alpine Choppers boss Brendan Thow couldn’t appear to face a burglary charge in Queenstown District Court today because his flight from Sydney to Christchurch was cancelled due to volcanic ash. 

He’s due to appear for a status hearing on June 27.