Glenda Drive businesses get parking reprieve


Businesses that face being turfed off a Glenda Drive reserve for using it for parking and storage have been granted some breathing space. 

Queenstown Lakes District Council’s Community Services Committee decided last May that users in Margaret Place had a year to clear the land or a fencing notice would be enforced. 

About 40 people in the industrial hub were issued with letters from property agent APL Property last August stating the land needed to be vacated by May 11. 

But at a Community Services Committee meeting yesterday, members are now calling for the issue to be re-visited and have pushed the deadline date back to August. 

Whether a small section of reserve land bordering the businesses can have its status revoked or reclassified will be discussed by the committee in 12 weeks’ time. 

At the meeting, Glenda Drive property owner Tony Strain said the adjacent land is used for parking by staff since there “inadequate” options in the area. 

“I believe your committee needs to be more pragmatic in looking at this issue.” 

He said businesses don’t expect anything for free. 

“We’re not asking for special favours, we’re just asking for you to deal with this.” 

Councillor Lex Perkins says the council created the problem, not allowing for footpaths or carparks when the area was first developed, and now may have to compromise to rectify the situation. 

Dan Egerton from Lakes Property Services warned it’ll be a lengthy process, since changes will have to be publically notified. 

“It’s just a very long and arduous road to take, and it’s against the reason the reserve was put there in the first place,” he told the committee. 

Councillor Cath Gilmour also called for council and business to “work together” on the problem to find a “legal, long-term solution”.