Get limber in the lounge with KL


A GLENORCHY woman this weekend launches a book on how to practise daily yoga at home. 

Yoga instructor and journalist Kara-Leah Grant, 37, says she was inspired to write the 220-page book while walking the Glenorchy boardwalk last October. 

“People kept asking me the same question,” she says. 

“They all wanted to know how to develop a home yoga practice and I’m like, ‘You know, I could probably write a book on that’ – and so I did, in two weeks.” 

Grant has published an online yoga magazine since 2008, 

Originally, Grant started practising yoga in 2000 to avoid the need for a second spinal fusion and has taught it for six years. 

Yoga’s also helped her mental well-being, she says. 

Grant explains the title, Forty Days of Yoga – Breaking Down the Barriers to a Home Yoga Practice: “If you do yoga every single day for 40 days, you’ll ingrain a habit into your own psyche,” she says. 

“The real benefits don’t start until you’re doing it by yourself at home consistently, every single day. It’s a work-book – that means you can’t just read it – you have to do it,” Grant says. 

Grant originally published the book electronically, enabling her to finance an initial print run of 300 copies. 

“I want to get a publisher interested, someone who has international reach.” 

The book’s being launched at a four-day yoga conference and festival at Albany in Auckland starting tomorrow.