Get a taste of Shackleton’s whisky


Wakatipu whisky connoisseurs will have a rare opportunity to taste a replica of single malt drunk by an historic Antarctic expedition. 

In 1908, Ernest Shackleton ordered 25 cases of whisky to fortify his expedition to Antarctica. 

A century later the Antarc­tic Heritage Trust, which cares for Shackleton’s base, discovered three frozen crates buried in the ice. 

One crate was moved to New Zealand and carefully thawed to reveal 11 bottles. Three were then sent home to Scotland for scientific analysis by Whyte & Mackay and the Scottish Whisky Research Institute. 

The whisky was replicated and MacKinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt was reborn, as a collectors’ item. It sells at $275 per bottle. 

Keith Crawford, licensee of The Fork and Tap Arrowtown, says: “It’s an incredible story. 

“We run a Single Malt Club and will taste Shack­leton’s whisky on Tuesday night, along with some other rare single malts.” 

Forty places are available. Tickets are $30.