Gardens get a heart-starter


A new life-saving defibrillator is being installed in Queenstown Gardens thanks to fundraising from the local Altrusa group. 

The $4500 heart-starter is to be mounted on the outside of the Queenstown Bowling Club – available round-the-clock for use by anyone including neighbouring tennis club members or people in the Gardens and at Queenstown Ice Arena. 

St John Queenstown operations boss Kelvin Perriman says virtually any layperson will be capable of operating the defibrillator – it comes with verbal and written instructions, and basically involves placing paddles on a victim’s chest and pushing a button. 

“You’re trying to stop specific heart rhythms causing the cardiac arrest and to restore the heart to its natural state.
“Early defibrillation and access to an ambulance is crucial – good CPR and early defibrillation increases the survival rate of cardiac arrest victims.” 

Perriman says St John is very grateful to the Altrusa International Club of Queenstown, which raised more than $5000 at an annual golf tournament at Kelvin Heights. 

Perriman says the new defibrillator is one of about 30 in the district. 

The rest of the Altrusa money went towards a new burns kit.