Free-loading Aussie is nabbed at border


An Australian who had a week-long party in an unoccupied Queenstown house has been nabbed trying to flee the country. 

The 20-year-old, arrested and charged last November for unlawfully staying in a “big mansion” in Fernhill, was last week picked up at Queens-town Airport, sergeant Steve Watt says. 

“He was on bail and decided that before he would appear in court on the Monday that he’d fly back to Australia. 

Luckily they snaffled him just as he was going through Customs. 

“He’s now been remanded in custody – he’s currently in the care of Her Majesty in Invercargill.” 

Last November, the man broke into a flash holiday home and stayed there partying for a week, causing a “significant amount” of damage. 

“He’d drunk the alcohol and ate the food and he’d been living there when he shouldn’t have been.” 

Now slapped with a further charge of breaching bail, he’s due to appear in court again this coming Monday. 

Glenorchy domestic

A Glenorchy man was arrested and charged with a minor assault offence after a fight with his female partner last Saturday. 

“The man said that he was going down to the dairy to pick up some milk at 2pm and didn’t return until about 11pm,” Watt says. 

“At which point there was a bit of a domestic incident between the two and the male party ended up getting arrested. Enquiries are continuing.” 

Put him in the stocks

A 19-year-old Chilean national from Blenheim was locked up last Saturday for disorderly behaviour after relieving himself on Searle Lane. 

“He was observed urinating in full view of the walking public by some community guides who subsequently called us,” Watt says. 

“He was just putting it away before he got taken back to the station.” 

Sober-up time

A 28-year-old man spent a night in the cells for detox after being refused entry to a bar on Monday at 3.50am. 

“He was completely intoxicated outside the bar and was refused entry but then refused to leave the area. He wanted to keep getting into the bar but he was that hammered that he had to be brought back to the station for a little time-out.” 

The local man wasn’t charged: “Detox is just for their own safety until they sober up and act like proper human beings.”

Daylight break-in

Police are after any information about a daylight burglary of a house on Hallenstein Street last Thursday. 

“People have entered into a house via an insecure bathroom window and taken a couple of cameras, a DVD player, a laptop and they’ve smashed a flat-screen TV before leaving – real good buggers,” Watt says. 

“We’re looking for anybody who’s seen or heard anything suspicious in the area lately.”


Lucky escape

A Queenstown couple driving towards Moke Lake had a lucky escape after their vehicle slipped into Lake Kilpatrick at about 10.30pm last Thursday. 

“They were heading along the road and the road gave way and their car ended up completely submerged,” Watt says. 

The pair escaped through the windows and swam to shore. 

“They were so lucky to get out.”