Frankton nine-holer could be shafted


The future of Queenstown’s oldest golf course remains unclear despite a lifeline last week. 

Queenstown Golf Club’s popular Frankton nine-holer has the go-ahead to operate on Queenstown Airport land until 2022. 

But the airport owns just a small portion of course land – Queenstown Lakes District Council holds the rest, and the club’s lease expires next year. 

Mayor Vanessa van Uden says the airport’s decision is “good news”, but doesn’t necessarily mean the lease will be renewed. 

Other demands on the council land require a council decision. Con-tenders are the New Zealand Transport Auth-ority for a possible roundabout expansion and Lakes Leisure, which wants to increase sports fields at the Events Centre, she says. 

“If NZTA does need the land, do they need it by 2020? And the sports fields – are we going to be needing them before 2020?” 

The council and the club will meet to discuss the issues soon, Van Uden adds.