Frankton man jousts with judge – who is not amused


A FRANKTON man has been arrested in Queenstown District Court after refusing to confirm he was the defendant.

Judge Dominic Flatley issued a warrant for the arrest of Cohen James Glass, 40, after a bizarre trade of words yesterday.

Glass, charged with assault, stood up when his name was called by the registrar at the court. But he refused to enter the dock.

“My name is Jim,” he said. “I’m here to represent Cohen Glass. I’m the sole administrator of the trust known as Cohen James Glass.”

Judge Flatley said: “That doesn’t mean anything to me. Are you Cohen James Glass or not?”

The exchange continued for several minutes, with Glass admitting he was “the entity” referred to on court documents but refusing to identify himself by that name.

Judge Flatley, who threatened to find him in contempt of court, eventually ordered him to sit down and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Glass was arrested at lunchtime within the court building and taken to the cells.

When he reappeared that afternoon – in the docks after conceding his name was Cohen James Glass – he withdrew his earlier not guilty plea.

Glass, representing himself, complained his memorandums to the court had been ignored and the bar where the alleged incident occurred had refused to supply sufficient CCTV footage.

Glass also said witness statements claimed he was intoxicated, which would mean the bar was in breach of liquor licensing laws for allowing him in.

“With respect sir, I’m applying to have the whole case dismissed right now – is that within your power?” Glass asked.

Judge Flatley: “Not on the basis of your application.”

Glass also requested a jury trial but was told the charges were not serious enough.

After a continuing frank to and fro – and with Glass repeatedly asking “Is this a court of record?” – Judge Flatley instructed Glass to enter a plea.

“Under duress, I plead not guilty,” Glass said. “Thank you sir, my address by the way is Guantanamo Bay.”

The case is scheduled to begin today. Glass is accused of assaulting David Simon Orpin on November 10.