Four attacks on Queenstown bouncers in three days


Police are investigating a rash of alleged attacks on four Queenstown bouncers within three days.

All the incidents last weekend involved patrons being either ejected or barred from night spots.

Two British men – aged 26 and 27 – kicked off the weekend of boozy violence last Friday.

Sergeant Steve Watt says they were arrested on Searle Lane after one allegedly took a drunken swing at doorman who’d barred them from a pub.

Both were charged with disorderly behaviour.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a Queenstown man, 33, was arrested after he’d allegedly hit a doorman escorting him from a bar down The Mall because he was too drunk.

The patron has been charged with assault, Watt says.

At the same time, a Queenstown man and his girlfriend, both 22, were attempting to assault a bouncer as they were ejected from another bar on The Mall.

The man threw a punch that connected weakly with the bouncer’s back while the woman allegedly slapped and pulled at him. Both were given pre-charge warnings by police.

Two hours later, a Brazilian man, 36, was charged with assault after allegedly punching a doorman on Searle Lane.

Sergeant Watt says he’d been denied entry but sneaked in and tried to hide in the crowd.

“He was subsequently retrieved by doormen and as they were escorting him out, the man allegedly punched the doorman to the face.”