Forged script for drugs at Queenstown pharmacy


Queenstown police are looking for a woman who altered a prescription to request more drugs from a pharmacist. 

The woman presented the doctor’s script to Wilkinson’s Pharmacy yesterday afternoon.

“The prescription had been written out by a doctor but had been altered by the woman trying to get extra medication,” constable Aaron Redaelli says.

“The name of the prescription is thought to be a fake name, so we are still looking for a female in her mid-twenties.”

She could be either Kiwi or from Australia, but not living locally, he adds. Click here to watch a video of a woman who police are keen to speak to.

“It’s believed she was a holiday-maker wanting extra medication but the doctor may not have given her as much as she wanted.”

Pharmacy owner Kim Wilkinson says the woman asked for a “reasonably significant” amount of controlled drug pain-killers.

Altering prescriptions is uncommon at the local pharmacy, he says.

“It’s often pretty easy to pick up. It was very well done but we know our prescriptions and what should be written. Any changes like that we will confirm with the doctor, which is what we did yesterday. Sure enough, it had been altered.

“We told her that we’d have to check with the doctor first and she never came back. She knew we were on to her,” Wilkinson says.

Cops plan to talk to the doctor today and will be viewing the pharmacy’s CCTV footage.