For quake’s sake let’s get together


Christchurch earthquake refugees in Queenstown are being urged to form a self-help support group. 

Queenstown Lakes Family Centre’s Maria Hendry is organising a start-up meeting in St Peter’s Church hall at 6pm on Monday. 

“It’s for anybody affected by the Christchurch earthquakes, but specifically those people who’ve relocated here,” she says. 

Hendry has been approached by earthquake refugees about a support group. 

“Perhaps they feel isolated having moved here. They’re perhaps not connected with other people – Queenstown can be a bit like that.” 

The Family Centre will facilitate the first two meetings, hoping enough people will be interested in continuing the self-help group after that. 

“To talk to people who’ve been through a similar situation to them, they’re going to have a better understanding than the rest of us,” Hendry says.