For better, or worse


A groom is likely in the dog house after his Queenstown stag-do ended in court.

Bricklayer Daniel John Wells, 25, is due to marry in Wanaka today.

But when he hit the town with friends last Friday, they got so drunk one king-hit a random stranger and Wells himself threatened a bouncer.

While being ejected from Winnies at 2am the next morning, on The Mall, Wells told the bouncer: “I’ll rip your f***ing head off.”

But friend Haeden Hawkins, also 25, did far worse.

He attacked a man sitting on a bench, punching him in the face without provocation, knocking him unconscious.

In Queenstown court on Monday, prosecuting sergeant Ian Collins says Hawkins was “highly intoxicated” when he approached two men sitting on a bench near the bar, at about 1.30am.

He began yelling at them and when told to go away, took two steps back, clenched his fist, then sprinted towards his victim Mark Cullens and punched him to the right side of the face.

Cullens fell back, hit his head and was knocked unconscious.

He suffered concussion and a small cut.

Duty solicitor Liam Collins says Hawkins is “extremely disappointed” with himself.

It was the defendant’s first time drinking in three years since a previous conviction, he says. 

Both Hawkins and Wells were born in NZ but work in Australia.

Cook convicted Hawkins on an assault charge and ordered him to pay $2500 emotional harm reparation.

Wells, originally from Invercargill, was convicted of threatening the doorman. He was fined $650.