Food and freedom here we come


Six Wakatipu High students have endured 40 hours in a cage without food to raise money for World Vision. 

From Friday night the brave teens were exposed to the elements – and drunken men – until they released themselves from their temporary wire home on Queenstown Mall this morning at 10. 

Playing music and visiting friends helped kill the time, but the two metre by two metre cage was far from comfortable, and the smell of food wafting from nearby cafes didn’t help their hunger, the students say. 

But they weren’t short on entertainment. 

On both Friday and Saturday nights partying passersby jumped on the cage, tried to elicit kisses, tempted the voluntary prisoners with food and sometimes hurled abuse. 

Fundraising a guesstimated $2000 for World Vision was well worth the harassment and hunger they say. 

“People were so generous, it was so awesome,” says Philippa Cochrane, pictured right. 

The survivors were heading straight to Brazz restaurant to fill their hollow stomachs, followed by Fergburger for lunch.