Flying still safe??crash survivor


A Queenstown pilot who survived a crash days before Arrowtown’s light plane fatality says air transport is still very safe. 

Milford Air owner Hank Sproull (right), a passenger on a training flight which ended in a ditch near Branches high country station on October 11, says he felt very sad when hearing of Monday’s crash which killed pilot Ian Sloan.
“But aviation is very safe – it’s a very safe method of transport. It’s just sad these things happen, but it’s life.” 

On Monday, Sproull returned to the skies for the first time since his scare, flying to Dunedin and back.
Everything went fine despite a few nerves, Sproull says. 

“It affects you. You’re a bit nervous about it and have a different attitude, I suppose. You’re a bit circumspect. 

You do feel those emotions – you’d be lying if you didn’t.

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