Flasher on loose


He told her ‘come on baby’ while doing it – cops.

Police are on the lookout for a man who exposed himself to a shocked woman jogger on a quiet country road.

The woman was running by the former Arthurs Point Pub at 12.15pm on January 19 when a male appeared alongside, before pulling down his pants and performing an indecent act.

“He told her to ‘come on baby’ while he was doing it,” says constable Sean Drader of Queenstown police. “It’s very worrying for this to happen at a quiet spot in the middle of the day.”

The man ran off when a car appeared from a nearby driveway.

The flasher is described as Caucasian, chubby and in his late teens or early 20s. He has long light-brown or blond hair tied in a ponytail and was wearing a black T-shirt with a gold motif on the front, long black shorts and white skater-type shoes.

“I’d urge anyone who thinks they might know who he is to contact us immediately,” Drader adds.

Hoon arrest applauded

Tourists and locals clapped and cheered when a drunken Queenstown skateboarder was lifted at the Mall after a bizarre evening street performance.

The 20-year-old man abused and bashed into people, threw pizza around and smashed his board on the William Rees statue before being collared by cops.

But his antics continued – he then bit a police officer on the arm.

“Applause was audible when he was arrested,” says Drader. “He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and police assault.”

Passengers bolt

A local taxi driver was left fuming when two young males did a runner after taking a $62 trip from Queenstown to Arrowtown.

They legged it after getting dropped off at the ATM machine across from the Village Green on January 24.

The cab driver heard one of the culprits alleging he worked at a local bakery and the other is described as having a distinctive, peroxide mohawk hairstyle.

“If your neighbour has a peroxide mohawk hair-do, we’d like to hear from you,” Drader says.

Roll out the barrel

A 25-year-old English tourist was charged with disorderly behaviour after stealing an empty beer keg and then rolling it down Stanley Street.

He was picked up at 4.51 am on January 24.

“He took the keg from outside the Speights Ale House before carrying it up Stanley Street as far as the A-Line Hotel then chucking it down the road,” says Drader. “It might have seemed funny at the time – but he wasn’t laughing when he was arrested.”

Cash stolen

Police are investigating the theft of money from a room at the Sherwood Manor hotel on Frankton Road.

Dutch tourists had Kiwi dollars, Euros and Malaysian ringgits nicked on January 24. “There were no signs of a break-in and this highlights that visitors should always keep valuables somewhere safe,” says Drader.