First ever three-peak pilgrimage


Talk about commitment.

Christchurch man Brendan Lindsay spent a cold night up Coronet to be the first skier on its new whizz-bang chairlift – and the first person to be first on all three NZSki chairlifts in a single season.

While Coronet opened last Saturday it delayed the annual ‘first on the chair’ event till there was enough snow.

They made the call on Tuesday night, so Lindsay, 43, who’s been first on the chair at Mt Hutt for a few years, jumped in his car and started driving south.

“My wife thought I was a bit crazy and someone asked if I was a teenager, but I decided to do it anyway.”

He arrived at Coronet about 10.15pm when it was -6degC and decided not to risk waiting in his parked car in case someone pipped him at the post, so headed to the snow.

“I couldn’t even sit on a chair – with the new chairlift they’re all down in a cave thingy.

“So I stood, waited, watched a couple of TV shows on my phone … I didn’t see another soul until about 6.15am.”

As well as getting his commemorative T-shirt, Lindsay’s also been given a free season pass for 2020 by NZSki.

“It was a great surprise.

“It was great to be back on the snow – that first run felt pretty good knowing, to use Hillary’s phrase, I’d knocked the bastard off.’