Fire crews battle Queenstown burn-off


Fire crews are battling an out of control burn-off near a Queenstown skifield access road.

Three helicopters and two rural fire service ground crews are attempting to extinguish the large blaze about 4kms up The Remarkables skifield road.

They were called to the scene shortly after 3pm today (Wednesday).

The fire has spread over about 40 hectares of land but rural fire chief Gordon Bailey says the situation is now under control.

Bailey says: “We’ve had three helicopters on it for the best part of an hour and two ground crews.

“We’ve dampened down the hotspots and the flare up’s now about under control.

“It was a permitted burn of Mike Mee’s that got out of control, that’s what we assume.

“We’ve got another hour yet I guess to go. The skifield road was closed for round about half-an-hour but it’s now reopen and people are coming down at their leisure.

“The fire was pretty close to the road and we were trying to stop it crossing the road, so there was a fair amount of machinery around. It was a safety call.”

No one is believed to be injured. Heliworks and Southern Lakes helicopters are dousing the blaze with water from monsoon buckets.