Few fans of Lake Hayes unit plans


Certain planning applications seem to have a snowball’s chance in hell – a hearing on one of them begins today. 

Opposition is widespread and power-packed against Lake Hayes Estate developer Mike Coburn’s proposal for six, two-storey units on LHE’s Howards Drive. 

A whopping 64 submissions are in – all negative – with 27 from neighbours. LHE’s community association is also against. 

Some neighbour-objectors carry clout. Like Queenstown Lakes District Council deputy-chief Stewart Burns – his wife and daughters have filed separate objections as well. 

Also up against Coburn is Kelly Campbell – QLDC’s district secretary – who’s not to be trifled with. Then there’s Karen Swaine, well-known greenie battler and former frontperson of Wakatipu Environmental Society. 

For good measure, QLDC’s Queenstown Airport Corporation doesn’t want Coburn’s complex either. 

It’s no surprise, therefore, that planner Wendy Rolls pans the proposal, saying it’ll break the ridgeline, blot out neighbours’ views and risk “incremental degradation” of the surburb.