Festival’s theatre support


The American Express Queenstown Winter Festival is this year providing a platform for the resort’s talented theatrical community.

A play – produced by a new theatre collective – is being included in the festival programme.

Storming Theatre is putting on an absurdist comedy, Picasso at the Lapin Agile. It’s based on a fictional meeting in a Parisian cafe in 1905 between famous artist Pablo Picasso and equally-famous scientist Albert Einstein.

Written by comedian and musician Steve Martin, it holds the record as the longest-running Off-Broadway play.
Storming Theatre’s version of the play will run for four nights from June 26-29 at Queenstown Airport’s new international departure lounge.

Director Sarah Bogle says the collective’s been formed because Queenstown’s Remarkable Theatre is already fully committed to productions this year.

“This is a slightly different angle to anything else that’s going on.

“The kind of theatre I go and see when I’m out of Queenstown is not the same kind of theatre that’s typically on in Queenstown.”

Bogle says the all-local cast and crew have been involved in other local shows: “We can put on locally-produced theatre better than any other small town that I’ve ever come across.”

Having the play on during the festival helps in terms of marketing and getting an audience, she says.

“You get this huge influx of visitors who are floating around going, ‘well, what do we do tonight?’”

Bogle thanks the airport, which closes at night, for shouting the venue and keeping costs down. The ticket price is only $20.

“Thank God there are no night flights,” Bogle adds.