Festival’s nasty side


Weapons such as bottles and a knife reared their ugly heads during violence-related trouble on the opening weekend of Winter Festival.

Jagged edge

Cops are looking for a man in his mid-20s who threatened Coronet Peak Hotel staff with a broken bottle at 10.45am last Saturday.

“The unknown suspect was abusive to workers at the reception area and was escorted outside,” constable Sean Drader of Queenstown police says.

“He proceeded to smash the end of a bottle of booze, held it in his hand like a weapon and lunged towards the complainant, who feared for his safety.”

The slim-built offender is described as having short, shaven hair and was wearing a white canvas jacket with black squares on the front. He has tattoos on both arms.

“We really want to speak to this individual,” Drader adds.

Bottler bolts

In a separate incident, a 22-year-old visitor from Christchurch was assaulted by another male brandishing a bottle near Winnies in The Mall at 10.15pm last Friday.

The suspect ran off, leaving the victim needing stitches to a nasty laceration on the top of his head. “An argument had started between two groups of people and the victim stepped in to try and calm things down,” Drader says.

“He was hit from behind with a bottle while he was walking away and we are still looking for the alleged offender.”

Blade carrier nicked

A 26-year-old Queenstowner was charged with possession of a knife and fighting outside Winnies at 1.25am last Saturday.

During the incident another 19-year-old local male was also arrested for fighting, assault and breaching bail conditions.

“He was already on bail for assault charges, where he is alleged to have punched out two British tourists a while ago,” Drader explains.

“It was also the second time within a week that he had been arrested for breaking his bail conditions.”

After being removed from Winnies, the intoxicated teen is alleged to have rushed at staff members, punching one in the face.

Drader adds: “The other man was an associate of his who ended up fighting with him outside and when searched was found to have a knife in his pocket.”

Fire Service dampener

Four men from Cromwell were charged with disorderly behaviour after interfering with a firefighter operation at the corner of Marine Parade and Church Street at 11.45am on Friday.

“The Fire Service was called for a sprinkler alarm and one idiot thought it was a good idea to climb into the driver’s seat of the fire truck,” Drader says.

“The man apologised but the four clowns just wouldn’t move away when asked to do so several times by police and were arrested.”

Jacket racket

Cops want to speak to this man (below footage) in connection with the theft of a jacket at the Buffalo Club.

He was captured on CCTV leaving the premises not long after midnight on Saturday, June 20.

“We have been concerned about the number thefts of coats from pubs and clubs recently and more than a dozen have been reported stolen in the past two weeks,” Drader explains.

“This is the first time we have managed to get an image of someone who may be involved – a few jackets went missing from the Buffalo that night.

“If anyone knows who he is, we’d like to hear from them.”