Fernhill ‘party house’ tenants face the axe

Party house: But there are moves to evict the tenants

A Queenstown rental agency boss is trying to kick out tenants who threw an out-of-control house party a month ago.

But Queenstown Accommodation Centre’s Allan Baillie fears tenancy law might stymie him.

An application to evict the Fernhill tenants will be heard by the Tenancy Tribunal next week.

According to the notice of hearing, the tenants are top mountain bikers Edward Masters and James Hampton, who promoted their ‘Fernhill Mansion Party’ on social media.

About 350 people attended the March 5 shindig at Lordens Place which was shut down after multiple noise complaints.

Police, who had to call in reinforcements from Wanaka and Alexandra, had bottles and abuse thrown at them by drunken party-goers.

Mountain Scene was unable to contact Masters or Hampton yesterday.

It’s understood, at next week’s hearing they’ll counter-claim that QAC bullied them.

QAC’s application accuses the tenants of several breaches of the Residential Tenancies Act.

Baillie says so far the tenants have only been charged for a broken window.

“The next day they showed no remorse whatsoever – they were going to kick the party off again.”

He says tenancy law needs to change if landlords have no power to stop out-of-control parties or, if they do happen, to evict the tenants as a result.

“I think it’s completely outrageous.”

Baillie says he’ll present letters from the police, council and neighbours.

“We’re probably approaching this hearing harder than we’ve approached any other hearing.

“Tenancy law is going to be put under the microscope in this case.”

Nick Reekie, of Canterbury, who co-owns the property with his partner Kate Smith, says he fully supports QAC’s action.

He’s concerned the example set by his tenants will discourage other landlords from letting out their properties during a housing crisis.