Feline fosterers call


Queenstown’s cat rescue charity is crying out for more feline foster homes, as it tries to find forever homes for the nearly-60 cats already on its books.

Queenstown Cat Rescue currently has 50 cats in foster homes, and another eight in a small cattery run by one of its volunteers.

One of those volunteers, Julia Milley, says the charity’s pretty much at capacity.

“We get the cats in alright, it’s ‘where do you foster them to?’

“We’re constantly advertising for fosterers, and then you’ve got to pay for food and litter, etc.”

The charity’s putting the call out for new foster homes, as well as donations of food and litter.

Milley’s also reminding people to de-sex their cats.

A cat yoga event, held in June, raised $1400 for Queenstown Cat Rescue, which had racked up a staggering $18,000 in vet bills in just a couple of months.

At the time, trustee Andrea Balona said they were having to get treatment for more cats being injured by people.

Because Queenstown has such a transient population, people often ditched their cats when they left town, she said.