Fast builds bring risks


A housing watchdog says the pace of development in Queenstown is leaving homes at risk of shoddy workmanship.

Home Owners and Buyers Association boss Roger Levie says properties built in the late 1990s are starting to fail.

As demand for accommodation in Queenstown grows, the Aucklander worries it will lead to a crisis down the line, similar to that seen in the leaky homes fiasco.

Pressure points will be foundations, damp and structural issues.

He is aware of situations where new buildings are not meeting the required standard.

He doesn’t want to bag Queenstown’s council, but suggests it will be feeling the pinch in the building control department.

“You can see how easy it would be for things to slip through.”

Last week, Queenstown’s council warned it’s struggling to meet statutory minimums for building consents and is hiring outside contractors.

Levie stresses not all builders will cut corners, but worries home owners could be left with a hefty bill further down the track.

Levie says more needs to be done to prevent the crisis.

“Education and training has to be a big part of the solution and making sure houses are robust for more than 15 years.”