Fart triggers domestic callout


A man was arrested for assault after a domestic that allegedly started after he farted in bed and his wife sprayed him with air freshener. 

Cops were called to an address in Fernhill just after midnight on October 12 after it was claimed the offender, a 22-year-old hotel chef, had attacked his partner, 20, during the bizarre incident. 

“It’s alleged the man’s wife took offence to him breaking wind while they were in bed and he then got upset when she sprayed him with a can of air freshener and he lashed out,” senior constable Sean Drader says. “He was charged with domestic assault.” 

More domestic strife … 

Police charged a man and wife with assault at 5am last Saturday after it was alleged the woman clobbered her partner with a mini-trampoline while he slept off a booze session on the couch. 

“Apparently they both had been on a night out and when they returned to their Frankton Road address, he crashed out on the sofa,” Drader says. “It’s alleged that the woman first threw a blanket over him then hit him with a trampoline, and he in turn punched and kicked her so she called the police.” 

The man, 31, and his 29-year-old teacher wife have both been charged with assault. 

Two hours earlier, police charged a female chef, 21, with domestic assault after she allegedly bashed her partner for talking to another woman outside a town centre nightclub. 

Her partner was later arrested for obstructing police. 

“The alleged assault was witnessed by a police officer and the victim was locked up too when he objected to her being arrested,” Drader notes. 

Spitting mad 

A 27-year-old British man was charged with assault and remanded on bail after allegedly spitting in a woman’s face in the CBD about 1.30am last Friday. 

“It is thought he was arguing with a group of females and lost the plot,” Drader says. “It’s a disgusting thing to do.” 

Half an hour later, a 26-year-old Brazilian cleaner was charged with disorderly behaviour after he allegedly randomly tried to pick fights with a number people in Rees Street. 

Nutty drivers collared 

Two young men were arrested on October 12 for doing donuts in their cars at Lake Hayes. 

A 23-year-old engineer from Lake Hayes Estate was disqualified for nine months and given 14 hours’ community work for being caught for a second offence of its type within the space of a few weeks. 

His mate, a 20-year-old pizza shop worker, was charged with sustained loss of traction and remanded on bail. 

Meanwhile, police acting on a search warrant collared an unemployed man, 22, for allegedly possessing a cannabis plant, ecstasy pills and drug-related utensils at an address in Thompson St last Thursday afternoon. 

Prowler strikes again 

Police have received more information about a prowler on the loose in Glenorchy. 

In last week’s Crime Stoppers, it was reported how some kids holidaying in a house with their grandfather woke in the early hours to find a stranger on the premises. 

He scarpered when disturbed. 

“We have now had tip-offs from other Glenorchy residents about someone recently trying windows and door handles of homes at night,” Drader says. “We would like to find out who is doing this.” 

Put it away 

Two English piddlers were charged with offensive behaviour after relieving themselves in the street in the wee small hours of last Friday. 

One was caught letting it all hang out near Pog Mahones at 2.30am. 

Less than an hour later, another Englishman was collared for the same behaviour near Fergburger. 

Elsewhere, just after midnight the next night, an Irishman, 26, was nabbed for drink-driving on Lake Esplanade, while well over the limit.