Famous moggy dies


He starred in a TV series, met former Prime Minister Helen Clark and posed for a painting by artist Thomas Brown.

But Arrowtown’s most famous moggy, Diesel, has died.

The 13-year-old cat died two weeks ago after an “extreme life”.

Remarkable Vets owner Geoff Woodhouse is gutted he’s gone.

“He was such a big part of the community. Everybody knew him or knew about him - even if they didn’t like cats.”

Diesel belonged to one of the clinic’s original nurses, Alicia Hawthorne. It wasn’t long until he became part of the furniture - and a valued member of the team.

Diesel found fame in the Remarkable Vets TV series which followed the trials and tribulations of life as a vet. As the show progressed, Diesel and his antics were centre stage.

Woodhouse: “He just became iconic because of the way it was filmed. It made him the star of the show - and he became a focal point.”

When the show went global the practice had visitors popping in from Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Diesel’s personality made him a hit.

Woodhouse says the cat had incredible mana - a calmness that relaxed everyone around him.

He would plonk himself down in front of an anxious cat or approach unruly dogs, helping them chill out.

“There was an air about him,” Woodhouse says. “He had a presence that allowed him to get away with it –
he never sustained an injury. He was totally unflappable.”