Families get first pick of sections


The Watsons are the first family to buy a section in Queenstown’s new Shotover Country subdivision. 

Builder Ben, 36, and wife Mel, 31, visited their new neighbourhood on their 12th wedding anniversary with sons Van, 3, and one-year-old Mackenzie. 

The subdivision is bordered by the Shotover and Kawarau Rivers, Ladies Mile highway and Lake Hayes Estate.
Ben says: “It’s the affordability that’s the attraction. 

“We bought this section on the day they opened. They’re good prices and this subdivision will get the sun all day.” 

In a week and three days after the first plots went on the market, co-developers Sharyn and Grant Stalker had sold seven sites, with another 12 under contract and several on hold. 

The first stage will see 54 plots sold, with the cheapest 26 sections ranging from $169,000 to $179,000. 

The 120-hectare subdivision has space for up to 800 homes. 

Sharyn Stalker says three-quarters of those who have bought or are in negotiations are people in the Queenstown building trade with young families. 

Four home building firms are also in the process of buying sections.