Ex-TIA boss talks Queenstown growth limits


Former Tourism Industry Association boss Martin Snedden questions how much tourism growth Queenstown can sustain.

The former cricket international, who organised the 2011 Rugby World Cup and stepped down from his tourism role in March, is guest speaker at a Shaping Our Future lunch in Queenstown on June 10.

While stressing he’s only had a brief look at the Shaping Our Future document, Snedden says he senses Queenstown is at a junction point.

“It’s going to be a question of how much does it want to grow and does it just allow the growth to happen organically in all sorts of directions or does it make a very conscious decision to target particular areas that it thinks adds value?

“There’s a constraint on Queenstown ultimately in terms of how big it can grow without starting to diminish what’s the real qualities of the place.

“I don’t know where that point is but there has got to be a question mark that people have to think about.”

Snedden says Queenstown’s an interesting place.

“Although it is part of NZ tourism it sort of has its own niche or bubble and I guess it’s a question of how much it wants to remain in that area or how much it wants to connect with mainstream tourism in NZ.”

Snedden applauds the Shaping Our Future process: “It’s really good that the future of tourism in Queenstown is being looked at within the wider context of what the future of Queenstown is, right across the board.”

The June 10 lunch, at Skyline Restaurant from noon till 2pm, is $45 for Shaping Our Future members and $50 for non-members.