Ex-Queenstown horse trainer cleared of grisly murder speaks out


A former Queenstown horse trainer cleared of murdering her boyfriend and throwing his body on a garden bonfire has spoken for the first time about her three-year ordeal. 

Kirsti Windsor, 38, walked free from Worcester Crown Court in England in February after a six-week trial at which it was alleged she murdered her ex-partner David Langdon, 39, at their remote cottage in Herefordshire. 

Prosecutors claimed she had calmly sipped red wine with friend Katie Brown as they watched handyman David’s body go up in flames, in August 2008. 

Windsor was unanimously acquitted of Langdon’s murder in just three hours. 

She and Brown, 31, were also cleared of perverting the course of justice by attempting to burn a body. 

Windsor had helped manage Queenstown’s Moonlight Stables operation for 14 months until she followed Langdon – who also worked part-time at the same stables – back to Britain in early 2008. 

In an interview with Britain’s Sun newspaper, she says her life became a waking nightmare after she called cops to report a body on her garden bonfire, which turned out to be Langdon. 

“The last two and a half years have been pure hell for me,” Windsor says. 

“I loved Dave. He was a good man and I would have moved heaven and earth for him. But I couldn’t even say goodbye to him or go to his funeral. 

“The police had no evidence but they simply couldn’t accept I hadn’t caused his death.” 

In August 2008, heavy drinker Langdon grabbed Windsor by the throat during a row – and she ended the relationship. She went to visit a friend in the Lakes District and asked him to move out before she got back. 

Prosecutors speculated that Windsor was upset her lover had not left the cottage when she had returned.
They claimed she clubbed him over the head before burning his body to destroy any evidence and challenged her belief that he’d committed suicide. 

Windsor still believes Langdon killed himself. 

“Although Dave was never diagnosed with a medical condition, I believe he suffered from bipolar disorder,” Windsor tells the Sun

According to the newspaper, she has lodged complaints about her treatment by the police, and has written to her MP, the Justice Minister and the Director of Public Prosecutions in Britain. 

“This ordeal has been incredibly hard mentally, physically and financially, and now I’m focusing on getting answers,” Windsor says. 

“It’s thanks to the support of my friends, family, community and Dave’s mum that I’ve survived this. Now I don’t want anyone else to ever have to go through what I experienced.”