Ex-mayoral wannabe in foul-mouthed food fight


The Christchurch chef who made national headlines after telling diners to “f … off” is bust former Queenstown restaurateur Colin Cloudesley (right). 

Cloudesley – a wild-card Queenstown mayoral candidate in 2007 – last month told the Herald on Sunday he was Georgio Cinderella. 

“It was a bit of a giggle – one of the other guys who works here worked with a guy in South Africa called Georgio Cinderella.” 

Cloudesley says he swore after one of a boozy group of diners at Piccolo Ristorante Italiano kept complaining she was getting the wrong order. 

“I said, ‘Look, if you don’t want it, then you can f… off’. 

“Three minutes later, they plucked up the courage and said, ‘We weren’t happy with what you said to her’. 

“I said, ‘Well, if you’re not happy, then you can all f … off’. I went to pick up a plate off a guy and he threw it up over my apron.” 

A fracas erupted which saw wine glasses and crockery hurled. 

Cloudesley denies pulling a woman’s hair, as was alleged, but says he twisted the hand of a man who had a go at him. 

“The other guy took a punch at me so I took him by the hand and said, ‘You can all f… off’.” 

Cloudesley closed his Fatz Cat Italian restaurant in Queenstown’s Sofitel building two years ago, allegedly owing more than $100,000 in rent.