English soldier allegedly bashes bouncer


An Englishman wanted for an alleged assault was arrested as he was about to board a plane at Auckland Airport last Friday. 

A 30-year-old soldier was collared trying to flee after he allegedly attacked a fellow Englishman in Queenstown’s Altitude Bar at 3am on February 1. 

Senior constable Sean Drader says the victim – a local doorman – was slogged in the face as he was heading outside to have a cigarette. 

He was left with a cut lower lip requiring stiches, cuts to both eyes, his front top teeth were pushed back and he had little recollection of what had happened. 

The victim pieced together who had punched him from CCTV. 

An Englishman has been charged with injuring with intent to injure and is due to appear in court in Auckland today.

Nasty nurse

An Australian nurse had to fork out $875 after denting a car bonnet with her fists. 

The tourist, 49, apparently went into a rage after a Shotover Street shop owner asked her to move her suitcases from a loading zone in front of the store last Friday at 9.30am. 

She was arrested for wilful damage.

Easy boat pickings

Police are warning people to keep their boats close to home after two outboard motors were recently nicked. 

A four horsepower Honda motor and a 20-litre petrol container were swiped from a boat at Glenda Drive while an eight horsepower Yamaha engine padlocked to a boat at the Kelvin Heights Yacht Club was also taken. 

“In years gone by when petrol prices have gone up, we’ve found that youths will target fuel that people leave in their boats,” Drader warns. 

“Some people think they’re leaving their boats in out-of-the-way places where they’re hidden and people aren’t going to find them, but sometimes that works against you,” he adds.

Wasabi to blame

An intoxicated Chinese tourist who was done for drink-driving in Queenstown two weeks ago after stopping to ask cops a question, has been caught again – this time for allegedly driving while disqualified, on February 2. 

“He said his girlfriend was sick and wanted to buy her some rice and wasabi,” Drader says. 

The 22-year-old also faces allegations of assault by his girlfriend.