Election signs shuffled under cover of darkness


A COUPLE seen removing election signs at 10pm last Sunday weren’t vandals. They were mayoral candidate Vanessa van Uden and her hubby, Lakes Environmental building-consents boss Peter Laurenson. They were shuffling around the locations of Van Uden’s various election hoardings which each borrow a line from the first verse of Bing Crosby’s classic song, Accentuate The Positive. 

STAYING this week at the swanky Sofitel Hotel is hunky TV One Tonight newsreader Greg Boyed. Another recent visitor was Good Morning host Brendon Pongia. He told his viewers on Tuesday that he’d popped into Joe’s Garage cafe every day. Maybe he was told to go by his channel’s weatherman Jim Hickey, who co-owns Joe’s. 

OUTGOING mayor Clive Geddes’ opening words, when he briefly addressed Destination Queenstown’s AGM last week, were: “Do you want me to talk about the airport?” Needless to say, he didn’t.