Earnslaw defecators get diversion


Young Englishmen who were caught defecating on Queenstown’s beloved steamship, the Earnslaw, have been granted diversion.

Jack Parker, a 20-year-old sports coach, Richard Michael Clark, a 24-year-old kitchen-hand and Ewan Scott Hutton, 26, kitchen-hand, were all charged with unlawfully being on the Earnslaw without reasonable excuse on the night of August 14.

Parker was also charged with defecating on the boat and Clark charged with urinating on the boat.

Appearing in Queenstown District Court this morning, they entered no plea, but the court heard they intended on applying for diversion.

Police have since confirmed diversion has been granted – the trio will now pay money to Earnslaw owner Real Journeys for the clean-up and make a donation to charity.

Queenstown chef admits damaging ATM, denies head-butting woman

A Frankton chef has admitted damaging an ATM machine but denies head-butting a woman who went to stop the destruction.

Adam Campbell Fleming, 26, entered a not guilty plea to the male-assaults-female charge because he disputes the police summary of facts.

Police details say he head-butted a woman who approached him while he was in the middle of badly damaging a Kiwibank ATM machine on Shotover St on August 5. She was yelling at him to get him to calm down, the court heard.

Moderately intoxicated, Fleming began kicking the machine after it swallowed his card.

Judge Kevin Phillips convicted Fleming over the intentional damage charge and remanded him for sentencing on September 10. He’ll also appear on that day for a defended hearing over the assault charge.

Prison possible for plasterer’s violence, drug offences

A Lake Hayes Estate man could face a prison sentence after admitting drug, assault and breach of supervision charges.

Plasterer Bronson Wayne Wilton, 27, pleaded guilty to one charge of assault after an incident last December, one charge of breach of supervision and a more recent charge of cultivating cannabis from his Lake Hayes Estate garage in July.

For the assault charge, the court heard that Wilton had been drinking at Queenstown’s Lake View Holiday Park, where he used to live, on December 29.

He was at a neighbour’s cabin when a man staying in a tent nearby answered his phone, walking away from his group of friends so he could talk on the phone, and sat down on the porch of Wilton’s cabin.

Wilton walked over to the victim, confronted him, yelled “Get off my f*****g property” and punched him in the face with a closed fist.

The victim suffered a broken nose, depressed cheekbone, cheek fractures and required surgery.

For the cannabis cultivation charge, police entered Wilton’s Lake Hayes Estate property under a search warrant and found nine healthy 30cm-high plants growing in a special cultivation tent, complete with heat lamps and fertilisers, in his garage.

Wilton told police that he was growing the cannabis for his own use.

Judge Phillips convicted Wilton and remanded him for sentencing on September 10. He ordered appendices for a possible home detention sentence, but said it was an unlikely option.

With a string of previous violence convictions, Judge Phillips said it was more likely Wilton could be going to prison.

“Sooner or later, enough is enough,” he said.

Former restaurant worker admits theft

An Argentinean man has admitted stealing from his former employer’s till because he believed he was owed holiday pay.

Dante Oscar Burgos, 31, admitted four charges of theft from Queenstown restaurant Thai Siam in Queenstown District Court today.

Burgos worked as a kitchen-hand from March 2010 to September 2011 but never handed his keys back to the restaurant owners.

In July this year, he returned to Thai Siam on four separate occasions in the early hours of the morning, unlocking the premises, taking money from the till and locking the door behind him.

He stole $50 on the first three occasions and $60 the final night.

When spoken to by police, he admitted the offending but stated that he did it because he believed Thai Siam owed him holiday pay.

Judge Phillips convicted Burgos and remanded him for sentencing on September 10.