Mates: Guy Carter, left, and Matt Caldwell

Two uni mates have set up shop in Queenstown – well, kind of.

Guy Carter and Matt Caldwell, who spent the last 10 years in Dunedin, moved to the resort late last year to open Mortgage Me, a mobile mortgage business.

Caldwell reckons there are a few perks to their current lack of space.

Clients don’t need to stress about finding somewhere to park or get stuck in traffic en route to appointments.

They’re looking to take office space and keeping fingers crossed for Frankton.

The pair, both 28, met while studying to be chartered accountants.

But their business isn’t just number crunching. They assess the bigger financial picture, not just the mortgage rate or deposit figure, Carter says.

Mortgage Me is an existing business in Dunedin. Carter and Caldwell were initially clients, financing their own properties.

After seeing the model, the duo wanted to get on board and came up with a business proposal which allows them to use the Mortgage Me name.

They don’t want to share figures but say the investment is a 50/50 split.

Carter: “We thought it was a really good brand. It puts us in the market and we can compete with other bigger brands and companies out there.”

Carter describes Queenstown as a “unique” housing market – there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to lending.

“Everyone is in a very different situation,” Carter says.

“There are a lot of self-employed people here so they need a bit more assistance than someone on a salary. It is a matter of sitting down and seeing what they are trying to achieve.”

Caldwell says being besties and business partners hasn’t led to any rows.

“It’s good to combine strengths. We both have different areas of expertise.”