Dumped moggies ‘disappointing’


They’re super cute and playful – but that’s not stopping people dumping them as kitten season “hits with a vengeance”.

Queenstown Cat Rescue is being inundated with reports of dumped kittens, including four different groups in Dalefield and Kingston in recent weeks – some 24 in total. One died before it could be rescued.

QCR trustee Julia Milley says: “This is very disappointing as we have worked extremely hard over the past 10 years to clean up the Dalefield area of cats and kittens. Some of the kittens were in very poor condition, with one having passed away before we managed to get to the property.”

Milley says property managers, home owners and tradies are vigilant and proactive. “I still recall one builder rushing into my gallery with a couple of kittens tucked under his jacket.”

She wants people to contact the charity if they discover any dumped moggies. QCR’s running a free desexing campaign for female cats and has 26 adult cats looking for homes. Contact admin@qcatrescue.org.nz or phone Julia on 021 268 2962.