Drunken prankster gets bash


A drunken Mexican prankster got more than he bargained for when jumping out of bushes and grabbing a woman. 

The 20-year-old man sprang from undergrowth on Robins Road in the early hours of yesterday morning. 

“What he failed to see was the woman’s boyfriend, who popped him on his nose for his troubles,” senior constable Chris Blackford says. 

The Mexican was found sitting on the kerb, highly intoxicated, by a member of the public at 1.15am after the couple quickly left the scene. 

“An ambulance was called but that was more for the level of intoxication than injuries. He won’t face charges; he’s actually the victim of an assault. But the lesson he’ll learn is when you’re grossly intoxicated your sense of humour might not be the same as someone who’s sober.” 

Cannabis found in bin 

More than $100 worth of cannabis was handed into Queenstown police after being found in a hotel bin. 

About 13 grams was discovered in a plastic lock bag in a foyer rubbish bin of the Duke Street hotel. 

Blackford says it was handed in at the police station by a member of the public at 11.20pm on Friday. 

“It’s not uncommon that people find quantities of cannabis around Queenstown and hand them in.” 

Did you witness crash? 

Police are appealing for witnesses to a motorbike crash in Frankton. 

A black Suzuki – which looks very similar to a custom Harley Davidson – crashed at about 10.30am on Tuesday when a burgundy Toyota Estima braked heavily while leaving the BP garage at the roundabout. 

The Toyota driver maintains he was cut off by another driver to his left, who failed to turn left towards Lake Hayes. The motorbike was coming from the airport direction and turning right to Lake Hayes. 

Constable Jim Bagnall says: “They’re arguing about the responsibility, so I’m hoping someone saw it happen.” 

Woman punched in street 

Police are urging a woman reportedly punched in the head by her boyfriend on a busy Queenstown street to come forward. 

A member of the public reported witnessing the assault shortly after noon on Sunday on Shotover St. 

“The woman said to the witness that she didn’t want anyone else involved,” Blackford says. 

“There can be no circumstances where a man punching a woman in the head can be satisfactorily explained. It is a heinous act. 

“We urge the woman to come forward so we can put her in touch with people who can help her.” 

Vehicle Charges 

Two people were charged with unlawfully taking a vehicle after a moped was allegedly stolen. 

The owner had left the vehicle on Duke St at 3.30am on Saturday, with the keys in the ignition. Two people were seen putting a moped on a trailer in the Queenstown Rec Ground car park later that morning. Police recovered 
the vehicle from a Sunshine Bay address on Tuesday. 

An Englishman, 26, and 23-year-old Kiwi woman have been jointly charged.