‘Drunken idiot’ can’t handle the jandal


A Frankton roofer’s idiotic behaviour on a night out - after his mate hit a doorman with a jandal - has cost him fines of more than $1000.

A “highly intoxicated” Luke Ronald Godek, 28, was part of an early morning scuffle in central Queenstown on January 24 after he and his mates were denied entry to a bar in The Mall.

One of the group then approached a different doorman and slapped him across the head using a jandal - at which point Godek got involved, pushing and jostling the man.

Police were called and Godek’s mate was arrested.

In the Queenstown District Court on Monday, Judge Murray Hunt said police warned Godek not to interfere but he didn’t listen and was arrested.

The roofer struggled with cops who eventually got him into the back of the police car - where he kicked the back windows.

Hunt: “You were difficult, offensive and abusive and your unwillingness to participate in restorative justice was a continuation.

“You acted like a drunken idiot who simply made someone’s job much more difficult than it needed to be.

“This was a particularly poor piece of behaviour.”

Godek admitted intentionally obstructing constable Terry Erceg, resisting constable Donald Hillis and disorderly behaviour at Chico’s Bar.

He was fined $400 on the first two charges and $200 for disorderly behaviour. Court costs totalled $390.