Drunken bike thieves


Two drunk Winton men left behind in Queenstown made a failed attempt on stolen bikes to get home in darkness.
Senior constable Sean Drader says a 21-year-old dairy worker and 20-year-old mechanic were left behind last Saturday night after their ride home left without them. 

Drader said the pair started walking but it was too cold so found one bike at Frankton Marina and another along Douglas Street. They planned to ride 150km to Winton but couldn’t see where they were going so turned back. 

They went to the airport to keep warm, dumping the bikes at the pay station where police found them. The pair have returned the bikes to the owners and apologised. 

In other drunken shenanigans, a 19-year-old Frenchman was ejected from World Bar when he became violent.
Drader says: “The man was sticking up for his girlfriend by having a swing at everybody. The bouncer tried to step in and the man tried to have a crack at him.” 

The man was removed about 12.15am on Sunday. His 19-year-old Canadian girlfriend became involved and was also arrested. The woman received a pre-charge warning. 

Separately, at 12.10am last Friday a 26-year-old was kicked out of World Bar and arrested by police. He received a pre-charge warning for disorderly behaviour. 

Who’s that sleeping in my bed? 

Police had to deal with an Oamaru man refusing to leave someone else’s bed at a Queenstown backpackers. 

Police arrested the 23 year-old for trespass at the Black Sheep Backpackers on Sunday. Drader says the man was asked to leave the bed by its original occupant but refused. 

The manager asked for his name and asked him to leave but he refused until police arrived. 

Simultaneous search 

Police executed two search warrants simultaneously in Christchurch and Queenstown after finding a 21-year-old from Christchurch with a laptop stolen from Frankton Kindergarten. 

The warrants were executed at 8.30pm on Sunday. 

Drader says a stolen mountain bike was found in Christchurch. No arrests have been made. 

For fig’s sake 

An Argentinian woman got a pre-charge warning after eating a fig at Queenstown’s FreshChoice supermarket last Saturday. Police say the woman, 21, had no intention to pay for the $4 fig. 

A passenger did a runner from a taxi at 2am last Friday, owing $51.20 for a ride to Sunrise Lane. 

A 25-year-old man was issued a pre-charge warning after he stole chocolate bars from a Queenstown Night ‘n’ 
Day on Friday. 

Drader says the man ordered hot food and when staff turned away he stole chocolate from under the counter. 

Another meth arrest 

A 30-year-old man was arrested on Monday on two counts of supplying methamphetamine. 

Drader says the man was arrested as part of Operation Moses – an investigation targeting an alleged supply chain in Queenstown and Invercargill, sourcing drugs from Mt Wellington, Auckland. The arrested man will appear at Queens­town District Court on July 2. 

Stereo ban 

Queenstown police helped security workers seize a stereo from a noisy party in Arthurs Point last Sunday. 

Drader says a group of Auckland youth were at the property in the weekend. It occurred about 1am. 

“It’s reasonably unusual to take a stereo, usually you serve a notice and people get the message,” he says. 

Done for drink-driving 

A 26-year-old builder from Christ­church was charged with drink driving on Sunday on Turner St. The man had a reading of 868 mcg when he was stopped at 4.30am. 

A South African resident living in Queenstown was charged with drink driving on Lake Esplanade on Sunday. 

The 28-year-old male was stopped at 1.05am and blew 603mcg. 

Fraud arrest 

Police arrested an American in a civil dispute with his flatmate for alleged fraud. 

Drader says the accused, 23, delivered a legal letter which he’d made up in an attempt to get money from his flatmate.