Drunk Yanks shouldn’t throw stones


A salesman on holiday from the United States is in hot water after throwing a large rock into the Bunker bar early on Monday morning. 

The 36-year-old went berserk at 1am after being refused entry because he was drunk. 

He allegedly pulled a rock from his pocket, threatened a member of staff with it then chucked it into the pub, just missing some customers. He was charged with assaulting a person with a blunt instrument. 

“Bizarrely, he said he had the stone with him for protection,” senior constable Sean Drader comments. 

“He insisted he’d done nothing wrong, demanded his rock back and even tried to negotiate how much diversion money he’d have to pay.”

Nude awakening

A Glenorchy resident got a nasty surprise when he turned his high beams on a naked freedom camper at 12.30am last Sunday. 

“The local had taken exception to the camper’s activities at Glenorchy Wharf,” Drader says. 

“The alleged offender had no clothes on and in turn took exception to having lights trained on him – so he started throwing rocks at the other man’s car.”

More trouble

A 22-year-old man was done for disorderly behaviour at 12.50am last Saturday after pushing door staff at Subculture then becoming abusive to police. 

And a 36-year-old local man has been charged with careless driving after an incident in Frankton Road at 2.30am last Friday. His vehicle left the road and landed on its roof. 

Low behaviour

Police want to hear from anyone who may have information about items swiped from outside the Salvation Army outlet in Industrial Place at 8pm last Monday. In a separate incident, cops also spoke to three drunken hoons on Monday after damage was done to the vintage vessel Yvalda, berthed in Queenstown Bay. 

Pants-pooper in arrest No2

A man who pooped himself while being arrested for fighting with a woman in Queenstown last week has been collared again. 

The 37-year-old local bar maintenance man has been charged with fighting in a public place after being picked up by cops at 3.50am on Tuesday. 

“He told officers he’d been out celebrating after just coming off bail for fighting,” Drader says. 

“At least he didn’t soil his pants this time.” 

Caught on camera 

Cops want to speak to this character (right) in connection with an alleged theft in Queenstown. 

The man was in the Simond Silver jewellery outlet in Beach Street at about 4.30pm last Saturday and was caught on CCTV slipping a greenstone necklace into his pocket before leaving. 

He was with two male acquaintances who made purchases using overseas credit cards. 

The suspect is described as wearing dark shorts, sandals and sporting a distinctive, silver-coloured bracelet. A witness thinks he might be English.