Drunk builder flings missile at bar patrons


A drunk builder who allegedly flung a heavy ashtray at Queenstown bar patrons on a balcony has been arrested. 

A 23-year-old man from Winton was busted after last Friday night’s incident at Winnies in The Mall – it resulted in shocked diners below being showered with glass. 

He was caught by a security guard and held until police arrived at 11.45pm. 

“It’s alleged the man was refused entry to the bar at Ballarat Trading Co,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“And then started throwing ice cubes at people on the above balcony at Winnies – before following this up with a flying ashtray.” 

The man has been charged with endangering safety by criminal nuisance. 

Leather chaps fan

An 18-year-old Dunedin man was arrested for theft after removing a pair of leather chaps from a wall at Cowboys bar and walking out the pub with them on at 2am last Friday. 

At around the same time on the same night, a tour guide, 24, from Te Anau, was charged with offensive behaviour after he was caught urinating on the Locations building in Shotover St. He carried on piddling when confronted by police. 

“The arresting officer described the alleged offender as being pompous and having a poor attitude,” Drader observes. 

Prowler at backpackers

Cops are on the lookout for a burglar who allegedly ransacked a room at Bumbles Backpackers while a guest was still in it. 

A Dunedin man reported that someone entered his room in the early hours of last Saturday after he’d left the key in the outside of the door. 

The thief went through the guest’s bags before scarpering when confronted. 

“The alleged offender is described as being olive-skinned with short, dark straight hair,” Drader says. 

The culprit also had a Kiwi accent, Drader adds.

Know this car?

Police want to speak to anyone who may have information about this Mitsubishi Lancer (left) found crashed into a fence at Grant Road near Frankton. 

Two youths had asked a local man to help them start it last Friday but then they vanished and the vehicle was found abandoned the next day. 

“We are puzzled by this one as the registered owner left New Zealand in 2008 but the youths had a key to the car,” Drader says