Drunk assaults net convictions


What started as a ‘‘comedy of errors’’ before Christmas ended in a conviction for a Frankton labourer last week.

Christopher Edwards, 30, will spend the next six months serving a home detention sentence in Invercargill after admitting assaulting Kasiano Pasitale, using a glass as a weapon, on December 11 in Queenstown.

In Queenstown’s court last Monday, Judge John Brandts-Giesen said Edwards was at Cowboys, in Searle Lane, at 12.40am when staff were made aware he was ‘‘punching a door and had a door handle in his hand’’.

Brandts-Giesen said he’d grab bed the door intending to pay nature a visit — the door didn’t lead to the lavs, though.

But still believing it did, Edwards thought someone was blocking him from spending a penny and got agitated.

Pasitale wandered over and asked him to leave, but Edwards refused till he’d picked up his

He tried to escort him, but Edwards picked up a nearby one-litre stein glass and swung it directly at Pasitale’s face — but fortunately missed hitting him with it.

Edwards was immediately walked from the bar and wandered into another watering hole.

After staff there were alerted, he was ejected.

Brandts-Giesen said Edwards was initially apologetic to Pasitale before he became abusive, telling him to ‘‘go back to your own country’’ and making threats.

Edwards refused to comment to police.

Brandts-Giesen said Edwards had been given ‘‘bad examples’’ as far as booze was concerned when he was growing up, but he’d largely stayed out of trouble for the past seven years.

That said, his conduct was ‘‘totally unacceptable’’ and he’d brought on what had happened

From a starting point of 15 months in jail, Brandts-Giesen decided to convert the sentence to home detention, also ordering him to complete 100 hours’ community work, and pay $300 emotional harm reparation.

Fade to blackout

A part-time Frankton chef who went on a bender in the resort, assaulting two cops, was so
hammered he can’t remember the incident.

A street cleaner rang the police about midnight on February 25 after seeing Keegan Robert Watson-Hopwood, 29, standing in the middle of the road obstructing traffic and striking
passing cars with his hands.

He was later seen picking up a wooden box and throwing it through the window of a Ballarat Street premises.

When the cops arrived, he resisted violently while being bundled into a patrol car, kneeing one in the head, headbutting and kicking another, and trying to bite one of them.

He was sentenced to 12 months’ supervision, 100 hours’ community work and $1416.02
reparation, which Watson-Hopwood offered to pay at $8 per week.

The judge suggested he could quit the ciggies and booze, upping the payment to $25 a week.