Drug-raid cops roughed us up, claim accused


Two men file official complaints.

Two Frankton men have formally complained of alleged assaults by police during a drug raid at their house on Tuesday.

Ray Moseley and Jamie Sutherland claim they were punched, kicked and sworn at by armed offenders squad members before the Grey Street house was ransacked in an attempt to find ecstasy pills – none were found.

The drama unfolded before Moseley’s partner and their two young children, aged two and four.

The house was one of 12 addresses searched in Queenstown, Glenorchy and Cromwell during a drug bust following a three-month in­­vestigation – Operation Dove – into the sale and supply of Class A, B and C drugs.

The AOS allegedly smashed windows and threw stun grenades to force entry into the house at about 6am.

“I heard a bang that sound­­­ed like a gunshot – there must have been a good half-dozen [stun grenades go off], maybe more,” Moseley says.

“I just jumped over the top of my kids and my missus and pulled the mattress back thinking they were gunshots.

“I saw cops with guns all masked up … they dragged me to the ground and pretty much started kicking me in the head, kicking me in the side of my guts and telling me to stay where I was.

“My kids were freaking out and screaming,” Moseley says.

At the same time, AOS members burst into Suther­land’s room: “An officer had his foot on my head and another on my back,” he says.

“They handcuffed me and told me not to look at them and started punching me in the side of the head. I actually had to put my face into the mattress to protect my face.

“At first I didn’t know what was happening. I thought I was going to die.”

Sutherland received med­­i­cal treatment for his wounds.

Paul Hiremai, another man sleeping in a room connected to the house, was also allegedly “smacked in the head”, Moseley claims.

Other police entered soon after and told the men they had reason to believe ecstacy, a Class B drug, was on the property.

“No drugs have ever been sold at this address,” Sutherland says.

Moseley was charged with possession of a cannabis pipe and Sutherland with receiving a stolen chainsaw – he claims he bought it off someone “ages ago”.

Hiremai was charged with possession of cannabis utensils and has been ordered to stay at a different address, Moseley says.

All three will appear in Queenstown District Court on Monday.

The drug raid discovered unspecified quantities of LSD, ecstacy, BZP, cannabis and two .22-calibre rifles. Nine people were arrested in total.

Local police confirm Moseley and Sutherland lodged complaints with the Independent Police Conduct Authority yesterday.

Detective sergeant Grahme Bartlett couldn’t be contacted for comment.